Camp Rules

General Rules for camp rainbow

1. NO boys in girls' cabins, or girls in boys' cabins except in an emergency or at the request of the director.

2. NO alcohol beverages or drugs allowed on premises.

3. All Medications are to be given to the nurse and not left in cabins. Your medications will be available for you to get when you need them.

4. No food, beverages, or coolers in cabins. They attract bugs and critters.

5. Curfew rules will be followed by all.

6. Extreme caution should be taken with electrical appliances in cabins (i.e. hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers) and should not be left unattended at any time.

7.Music should not be played excessively loud at any time during camp and should not be played at all during vespers.

8. No one will be allowed to swim in the lake at any time other than at the scheduled times of camp.

9. All persons who are to be on the staff at Camp Rainbow will attend camp orientation.

10. All cabin staff personnel will assist with the care of the campers (i.e. bathing, dressing, mealtime, getting ready for bed, etc.)

11. All cabins will be kept in an orderly fashion (beds made, floors swept, bathrooms cleaned, suitcases closed) STAFF AS WELL AS CAMPERS. These cabins will be well cleaned and inspected before staff leaves at the closing of camp.

12. In order to show reverence and respect during vespers, all campers and staff are to remain in the area as quiet as possible until dismissed by the director. 

13. Dress attire for all campers and staff personnel should be comfortable, casual, and APPROPRIATE as well as functional (i.e. shoes, shirts, swimsuits).

14. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a signed permission slip to leave camp grounds during the week.

These rules are for the safety of the campers and staff who attend Camp Rainbow. If you choose not to follow them, you will be asked to leave.