Due to the large number of medications given at Camp Rainbow, we are changing the way the medications are brought to camp.  We will require that medications (pills/tablets/capsules) be packaged in approximately 2” x 4” packets with the camper’s name, date, and time to be given.  We are asking that the camper’s pharmacy package the medications, but the caregiver can package them also.

Campers are involved in various activities throughout the day so medications are given at mealtimes and bedtime.  Those times are 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 8:30 pm.  If the medications are not packaged when the camper arrives, we will have the packets available for the caregiver to package them for the camper with the date and time they are to be given.  Please send only the medications the camper will need while at camp.  We have ibuprofen, Aspirin, Maalox, and other over the counter medications available.  We will give those to the camper when needed.  

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  If you have questions about how to package the mediations, please call Betty Snyder at 660-646-1026 after 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri.


Spending Money

Camper's needs have been provided for, so, it will not be necessary for any individual to bring money to camp. No iPods, tablets, valuable jewelry, or other valuables, please.

For further information

Call Camp Rainbow at 660.247.1703  or email us at

Camper Drop-Off

Camper Drop off is on June 15th, June 18th, and June 21st at 9 am. Your acceptance letter will state which day you are to come. The gate leading into camp will be locked until drop off time at 9 am. If you arrive before 9 am, you are welcome to park in the parking lot near the gate and wait for the gate to be unlocked. 

Pick up is June 17th, 20th and 23rd at 10 am. 

Suggested Contents of your Camp Suitcase

Outdoor activities require frequent changes of clothing, so campers should bring sufficient clothing and toilet articles for the entire time. Days are usually hot, but nights are cool and require warm clothing. Below is a checklist for you to follow while packing.

To download checklist just 

4 or 5 pairs of sportswear, jeans, shorts, etc.

4 or 5 shirts, blouses

5 changes of underwear

5 pairs of socks

1 extra pair of shoes

1 or 2 blankets or sleeping bag

2 sheets (plastic sheet for bed wetters)

1 pillow


towels and washcloths

lightweight sweater or sweatshirt

jacket or heavy sweater


swimming suit (life jackets are furnished by Camp Rainbow)

necessary medicine, see the application to correctly package medication

toilet articles

toothbrush and paste


comb and brush

Please provide extra sheets and blankest if camper has a history of bed wetting. 

Please label each article of clothing with name. Mark each piece of property with name. Paste a list of camper's belongings on lid of suitcase. Camp Rainbow cannot be responsible for lost articles.